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My story

"Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Claudio Ortega established his tango ensemble, Trío Corazon al Sur, in 2005 and embarked on a journey of enchanting audiences across the San Francisco Bay Area.


He collaborated with various musical ensembles, including Tangonero Orchestra, Guitarist Hugo Wainzinger, Trío Garufa, Cuarteto Diagonal, and Trío Tangazo in between others. His performances graced esteemed venues such as the Argentine Tango USA Championship in San Francisco, Los Angeles Ford Amphitheater, Pacífica Mildred Owen Concert Hall, Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, and numerous San Francisco Bay Area milongas.


In 2012, Claudio recorded 'Sombras,' his inaugural romantic music CD as a solo artist, and other tango CDs with the Tangonero Orchestra and Trío Corazon al Sur.


Renowned for his velvety vocals, Claudio masterfully conveys the intensity and passion of tango music with every note."

"I consider it an honor to connect with audiences throughout the Bay Area, channeling the exquisite craft of the timeless tango classics.

Serving as a messenger for these exquisite verses and melodies brings me immense joy. Whenever I perform these masterpieces, something extraordinary unfolds.


The creators spring to life, and it's as if I transform into a magical conduit between them and a captivated audience."

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