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"Claudio's performance brings you to the magic world of tango at its best!

Whether accompanied by one person, a small ensemble, or an orchestra, this accomplished singer brings on the power and the sensitivity to deliver the true passion of tango to the audience. People cannot get enough!"

"Claudio Ortega has it -- a voice and delivery that makes tango compelling.  When he sings, I'm reminded of Julio Sosa, who brought strength and depth to the common lamentations in Tango lyrics.  I've heard him sing several times in person; his voice is deep and rich, new and moving every time."

"I had the immense pleasure of experiencing Claudio Ortega’s tango performance, which was mesmerizing. Originally from Argentina and now gracing the USA with his talent, Claudio is a true maestro when interpreting the soulful melodies of tango.

His ability to convey the profound emotions and intricate poetry embedded within tango lyrics is genuinely remarkable. It's as if he possesses an innate connection to the essence of the Spanish language, allowing him to delve deep into the heart of each song and bring its narrative to life with his rich baritone voice.

Claudio’s performance is a captivating journey through the heart and soul of tango, a genre that thrives on raw passion and poignant storytelling. He sings the songs and embodies their essence, making every note and word resonate with authenticity.

Listening to Claudio sing is like taking a transcendent voyage to the cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires, where the very essence of tango was born. His talent is a testament to his deep understanding of the music's cultural and emotional roots.

If you can witness Claudio’s tango performance, I highly recommend it. His artistry is a testament to the universal language of music and the power it holds to move the human spirit. He is, without a doubt, a true master of his craft and a treasure to be cherished in the tango world."

"Claudio has a beautiful, effortless, warm voice that speaks the language of the heart. I feel relaxed and comforted when I’m in the presence of his vocal performances. As a fellow musician, Claudio is a phenomenal human being and wonderful to work with. He is respectful, passionate about music, professional, punctual, and responsive, and has built a vast repertoire from diverse genres. I greatly respect Claudio as a person and a music colleague!"

"One night, while visiting a tango-dancing friend, we went to a sweet little wine bar for some live music. Little did I know what I was about to hear! Claudio took us into the sultry, electrifying, and ever-passionate world of tango, where few people are allowed to venture, and even fewer experience it fully. It was such a rich and complexly layered evening that it made me wish I lived nearby to experience this music (and improve my tango!) more often. It was a most memorable evening."

"Claudio’s voice wakes up forgotten chords of your heart with tender notes and vibratos you are bound to remember.  Claudio displays such an excellent voice for tango. He is a bass-baritone with a stage presence who draws you in soulful songs from his native Buenos Aires. What a treat."

"Claudio got such a great voice, such rare accuracy and control.

Musicians like me listen to timbres and the way people taste wine.  He's got such a delicate balance between his harmonics that it's like a fine Pinot - most of us sing with loads of heavy stuff in the middle and come off sounding like a medium-line Zinfandel or Syrah that appeals from the fruity middle.
But he's got a thoughtfully balanced voice."

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